August is usually a great month for home sales. A personal finance social network called conducted a comprehensive analysis of 2014's best and worst cities for first-time home buyers. WalletHub used 17 key stats, ranging from conditions of the real estate market, community environment, median house prices and real estate taxes to name a few.

The survey looked at various conditions and ratios in 300 of the largest cities in America. The findings are very disappointing for homeowners in historic New Bedford, Mass. Take a look at where New Bedford was placed. Do you believe this determination to be accurate?

Best Cities for first-time buyers:

1. Broken Arrow, OK wins hands down.

2. Allen, TX

3. Norman, OK

4. Denton, TX

5. Frisco, TX

6. Plano, TX

7. McKinney, TX

8. Centennial, CO

9. Thornton, CO

10. Richardson, TX

Worst Cities for first-time home buyers:

291. Yonkers, NY

292. Elizabeth, NJ

293. New Haven, CT

294. Compton, CA

295. Oakland, CA


297. Paterson, NJ

298. Salinas, CA

299. Newark, NJ

300. Richmond, CA dead last.