I don't know about this, I guess it might be a way for the restaurant to create a new marketing gimmick but, a silent meal?  I think one of the best parts of going out to dinner is talking about your day with a loved one or spending time with friends talking over a nice meal.  Now you want me to sit silently while I eat?  The restaurant is called 'Eat' it's in Brooklyn, the owner say's he came up with the idea on a recent trip to India where Buddhist monks eat breakfast without speaking.  He also say's 'it's like meditation, the silence speaks for itself'.  The four course meal is only $40 dollars and yes people can't wait to get in.  Now lets set this up, you head out and your table is not ready yet, you go to the bar for a drink while you wait, then what, you have to be quiet or what?  You get thrown out?  I think they just offer one seating at a time and you take your seat, shut your mouth and they bring food to you, you can't order because you have to be silent, what if I need something then what?  Do I write it down?  There are way too many questions about this I think I may need to take a road trip and check this out, after all a meal in New York City for only 40 -bucks? That's a deal.