A New Bedford man charged with murder is being held without bail for the November 23rd shooting of Sharone Stafford in the city's South End. 


Photo from New Bedford Police Dept.

Twenty-five year old Hailton DaCosta appeared Wednesday in District Court on charges of murder, armed robbery and possession of an illegal firearm.  His case was continued to December 27th. 

Judge Joseph Macey agreed to impound police reports on the case for the next 30 days, and the District Attorney's office says the investigation remains extremely active. 

Two other men face charges related to the shooting.  Samir Baptista is being held without bail, while Elito Mendes had bail set at $150,000.

Sharone Stafford was found last Saturday night, lying in the street with gunshot wounds, near the intersection of Winsor and Crapo Streets.  He was later pronounced dead at St. Lukes Hospital