Straight out of a plot from a family comedy (Father of the Bride II), there is a story out of Florida this morning about a mother and daughter who had babies the same day!

The Associated Press reported that Heather Penticoff (mother) and Destinee Martin (daughter) discovered they were pregnant on the same day, found out they had the same due date, and both were induced on Tuesday.

Madeline Penticoff was born just a few HOURS before her nephew, Damien Martin.

When the local TV station interviewed Penticoff she said, "This is something that you can't plan. This is something God sets in motion, and you just roll with the punches." (WBBH)

After watching Father of the Bride II, I told my mother I'd be upset if she ever had a baby the same time I did. I believe I said, "You've already had 5, let me have my turn."