The latest winter storm has rolled through Massachusetts, and considering what some of our surrounding areas got, the Southcoast got off easy.

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Western Massachusetts got the worst of the storm with an average of 8.5" of snow falling around Worcester county. Milford and Northbridge notched the most with over a foot of snow accumulating.

The Cape seemed to escape pretty unblemished. They got about 3" of snow, but most of what they had to deal with was very slick conditions as the snow mixed with rain on Saturday evening.

On The Southcoast, New Bedford got a reported 5" of snow. Fall River landed 6", while nearby Attleboro had 9" fall on them.Most areas around the state saw anywhere from 3-8" of snow in total.

The Forecast for the rest of the week looks like cold temperatures in the high 20s to low 30s, but no stormy weather for a while.