The Commissioner of Education's takeover plan for the "chronically underperforming" Parker School in New Bedford is being challenged by a statewide teachers organization.

The Mass. Teachers Association has filed suit, claiming Commissioner Mitchell Chester unlawfully cut teachers pay and undermined teachers rights in the Parker School plan.

M-T-A President Barbara Madeloni says teachers at Parker School were required to re-apply for their jobs, but most did not, citing working conditions at the school. Madeloni claims the large turnover of teachers at Parker will not help students....

Commissioner Chester released a statement on Thursday, saying the turnaround plan is aimed at ensuring Parker School students have access to an exceptional learning environment that will put them on a path to success.

He did not comment on the lawsuit directly. The M-T-A also filed complaints on Chester's turnaround plan for a level 5 school in Holyoke.