State and Federal authorities seized large quantities of heroin and crystal meth with a street value of a million dollars this week and also arrested three men that police say were tied to a Mexico-based drug ring. 

 Massachusetts State Police and Drug Enforcement Administration agents were stationed at a hotel on Route 1 in Peabody where they observed two men leave with a large duffel bag and drive away. Police stopped the vehicle on Route 1 in Saugus and found four kilograms of heroin in the duffel bag. Both men were arrested. Police located and arrested a third man, who was driving a separate vehicle, a short time later.

Authorities identified the men as Juan Nunez, 37, of New York City, Jose Morales, 43, of Haverstraw, New York, and Alfredo Lopez, 33, of Van Nuys, California, according to the Associated Press.