That's it! I am going on a diet! Either all my cloths shrunk or my belly has ballooned bigger and wider. I go through this every time I decide to lose weight. My diet dwindles down to that of a monk on Mt. Athos in Greece.

Then, like sinking my teeth into a Big Mac, I see on NBC's TODAY a high school science teacher in Colo, Iowa, who lost 37 pounds in six months by eating only McDonald's foods, following strict nutritional allowances and consuming no more than 2,000 calories a day!

Super size my enthusiasm! The teacher, John Cisna, said his mission was to prove to his students that it's how and what you eat, not where you eat, that matters most!

Is it possible to eat nothing but McDonald's and lose weight? Just think, we could call it the Happy Meal Diet! For sure, I'm lovin' it, but what do you think?