A petition has been posted on the government website to Declare Major League Baseball Opening Day a national holiday.

Rick Yeatts, Getty images sports

The website is whitehouse.gov, and there are already over 20-thousand signatures of people who think it should happen.  They are a long way from the 100-thousand signatures that they need.  The petition is being pushed by St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Famer Ozzie Smith and Budweiser.

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Word is that Budweiser is going to start running an ad campaign to get more people to sign the petition and try to get Opening Day a national holiday.  I'm not to sure about this, yes baseball is America's past-time and we all love the game.  Is it loved enough to make a national holiday?  I'm not sure this is the best thing to have the government working on when there is other items that may be a little more pressing.