Located in the small seaside community of Wareham, Massachusetts, we at the Wareham Nurse Midwives are committed to you. Whether it's your first child or your fifth, bringing your baby into the world is certainly one of the most thrilling highlights of your life. If it is your first, you may be full of questions, and eager to do all that you can to make your pregnancy and childbirth a happy and healthy road for you and your baby. However, every pregnancy is different, even if it isn't your first, so it is important that you have an understanding ear to voice the individual concerns that come with each pregnancy.

Our philosophy is to listen and to help you in any way that we can. At Wareham Nurse Midwives, we believe that to give you the best pregnancy and laboring experience, we need to get to know you as a person, not just as a patient. We prefer to combine the highest quality health care available with individualized attention to your specific needs.

The Wareham Nurse Midwives are interested in a holistic approach to health care. By definition holistic means "(the principle that) a part is understandable only in its relationship to the whole." For us, this means getting to know you and your views and channeling them in the role of your care. We allow each visit to be just that, a visit. You can chat with your midwife and get to know each other, so that you will find your own comfort level as you share a very personal experience. We learn what you want and you don't want in pregnancy as well as labor and delivery and make it our goal to accommodate you in every way we can.

We are affiliated with Tobey Hospital here in Wareham, which is home to a state-of-the art birthing center. Since its opening in 1996 the Make-peace Maternity Center is devoted to making your labor and delivery the most memorable experience possible. Its soothing spa tubs, homey appearance, and kind, supportive nursing staff all join together to cater to your specific needs. Please call today to inquire about our unique services or to set up a time for your first visit. For your convenience, we accept most any insurance including but not limited to Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Tufts, Harvard Pilgrim, and Mass Health as well as most private insurance companies. Our staff secretaries Chris, Joyce, and Wendy, as well as our staff nurse Christal, will be happy to answer any questions you may have.