Nine-year old Brockton rapper Lil Poopy will continue his music career amid a child abuse investigation against his father.

Lil Poopy, born Luie Rivera Jr., gained national attention this week for his rap videos which show him in several sexually suggestive situations in a nightclub. Once the Brockton police got word of the videos, which YouTube has since removed, they filed a complaint with the Department of Children and Family against Poopy's father, Luis Rivera. Police claim Rivera committed child abuse by having his son appear in the vulgar videos. The "Boston Globe" cites the family's lawyer, Joseph Krowski Jr., who calls the abuse allegation "absurd." He says Poopy is a "terrific young kid" who has a "strict, loving and supportive family." He adds that there's no difference between Poopy and every other nine-year-year-old, except that the precocious Poopy has "exceptional talent."