Massachusetts's special U.S. Senate election is heading into its final stretch after Republican Gabriel Gomez and Democratic U.S. Rep. Edward Markey engaged in some testy exchanges during their final debate.

One of Tuesday's sharpest confrontations came on the question of term limits. Gomez said he told veteran Republican Sen. John McCain, who campaigned for Gomez last month, that he should leave the Senate at the end of his term. When Markey challenged Gomez, saying he did not tell McCain that this should be his last term, Gomez said that conversation ``absolutely did happen.'' T

he two also sparred on gun control, taxes and Markey's record in Congress and Gomez's background in business. Wednesday evening, Gomez will appear at a U Mass Dartmouth Forum where he'll be questioned by U Mass Dartmouth Professor Michael Goodman. It was originally scheduled as a debate but Mr. Markey didn't respond to the invitation.