Former Red Sox closer Jonathan Papelbon is now coming out saying that he, and many other Red Sox players, took the controversial drug Torodol.

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Torodol, a very controversial anti-inflamitory drug. It is legal, but it's effects might have been what led Boston pitcher Clay Buchholz to miss 20 games and end up in the intensive care unit.

Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Jonathan Papelbon says that in his time as a Red Sox player from 2005-2011, he regularly used Torodol, along with many other players, according to ESPN. Papelbon would go on to say:

Toradol made me feel better. You had to get it about 30 minutes before a game, and it made me feel pretty damn good. It only lasted about four hours maximum.

Papelbon would also say that when he got to the Phillies they asked if he ever used Torodol, and when he said yes they told him he needed to stop.