Jim Belushi is as friendly and spontaneous on the phone as he is on TV, in the movies and on stage! I caught up with the 30 year veteran of comedy, acting, music and directing in between stops of his outrageous live comedy show, JIM BELUSHI AND THE CHICAGO BOARD OF IMPROVISATION.

Accompanying Belushi are classically trained professional improvisers who tour with him nationally. Every show is different because they make it up on the spot, asking audience members to suggest topics and themes that always end up humorous and fun!

Aside from promoting his appearance at the Zeiterion Performing Arts Center on Sunday, April 6 at 8 pm, we talked and joked around about about his early high school days, Albanian foods that he likes and working in his father's restaurant as a bus boy and dishwasher that was the backdrop for his late brother John Belushi's classic "Cheeseburger-Cheeseburger-Pepsi-Pepsi" skit.