After getting slammed by super storm Sandy in fall 2012, the Jersey Shore only took a few months to get back in business and ready to welcome back summer guests. 

Instagram, @todayshow

The Today Show was broadcasting live from Seaside Heights for the big ribbon cutting by New Jersey governor Chris Christie, and his family. In the above picture, Christie and his wife held the big pair of scissors and made the official cut.

According to NJ 101.5 in Tenton, NJ the weather that the Southcoast is experiencing is much like what New Jersey is feeling, but they hope that it won't affect the big opening weekend to summer. When the 'Today Show'anchor Matt Lauer asked Christie where he would put the rebuilding process on a scale of 1-10, he said he would give it an 8. Always room fro improvement.

Governor Christie is expected to spend the rest of the day touring the shore and cutting ribbons to officially open businesses back up for the summer season.