A friend of mine called me the other day asking about when is the best time to buy a car. I told him that the end of the month is usually the best time to buy. As we talked a little more I asked him why he was looking for a new car, the answer he gave me shocked me! He told me that his daughters SUV had a spider problem. I had never heard of this, he told me that there are some manufactures that have a yellow sac spider problem.

He told me that before his daughter heads out every day he has to go out and sweep spiders from the car, he say's at least 12 to 15 spiders at a time! Needless to say this freaks his daughter out! He has taken the car to service stations they have gone thought the car inside and out and can't find where the spiders are coming from.

They are at wits end and she is going to trade the car in and let the next person deal with the spider problem. I did a search and sure enough there was lots of stories about the spider infestations! These yellow sac spiders are known to bite and be as annoying as a mosquito bite. All I can imagine is someone driving along and one of these spiders dropping down from the visor and scaring the driver and causing an accident.