Thanksgiving comes early this year, we are just two weeks away, are you ready? Is Turkey-day one that you really prepare for? After all it's not as involved as Christmas and all the gift buying, but there is all that cooking unless you are headed to someone's house. When it comes to the bird, the turkey that is do you get a fresh or frozen one?

I do have a lot of wild turkey's in my neighborhood, matter of fact they use my yard as a cut through, that got me to wondering are wild turkey's good to eat? It seems like the population of these birds had exploded over the past few years, they are everywhere! I have about 20-30 that use my yard every day, so why not grab one and enjoy it for dinner?

Although, I'm not sure I could handle cleaning the bird and all that comes with it. Did the Pilgrim's and Native Americans eat wild turkey's for the first Thanksgiving? I would like to know if they are good to eat and how you would prepare them. I did not know until recently that the wild turkey's can fly. I was driving down the road the other day and 3 or 4 flew overhead, I have to admit it did startle me when that big ole' bird flew by, it was quite a site.