There is hope for us young people, so register now because every vote counts!

Being a part of the youth I very well understand why we are not getting riled up to go out to the polls. First off, I do not think the youth realizes the importance of our right to vote. There is a lack of education and awareness of how crucial it is to exercise our rights.

Other reasons why the eligible  youth does not vote include: Confusion, dislike of the candidates or the fact that their interest are not being taken into consideration. The youth feels as though their vote does not make a difference.

Well...we are wrong because the youths numbers alone can change the entire outcome of everything, every single vote counts. We have the privilege to vote and voice our opinion of how our country runs but the youth just doesn't seem to grasp the importance of it.

It is very easy to have a whatever type of attitude but I do agree it is sad.I believe some of the biggest election issues directly effect the youth  and we need to think more about our future. As a democratic government, we need all citizens to be active participants. If you chose not to vote then you have no right to complain! Take a few minutes and take advantage of the gift to vote.