In my search for fun holiday gifts I have come across some fun and silly gifts, the other day I came across a toy that made me say, why? The toy is the breastfeeding baby doll, the doll is made in Spain and is being imported around the world. There are many dolls out there, they wet their diaper, eat food, drink from a bottle, they crawl, they cry etc. Do we really need a breastfeeding doll? The makers of the doll say "they get support from breastfeeding organizations" for the doll, that's great but do we need pre-teen kids playing with this doll?

Breastfeeding is a natural thing and is great for mom and baby bonding and very healthy. The doll is very difficult to get in the United States, because retailers are shying away from selling the doll because of how controversial it is.

There are groups who think the doll is great and a very cute toy, on the other hand some think the doll is 'sexualizing' little girls, I think that is going a little too far. This begs the question if you were in the store and saw this doll on the shelf would you buy it?