The iPhone 5 was released in stores today, but local residents weren't lining up outside retailers to get their hands on the new phone. Most of the customers at Best Buy in Dartmouth had already pre-ordered their new Apple product.

Melissa Gregoir was the exception, however. She tells WBSM News she's pretty excited about the new phone.

Much to her dismay, Best Buy's stock of iPhone 5's was reserved for those who pre-ordered the phone, which she was able to do this morning in the store.

Brenda Gossen from Fall River tells WBSM News the iPhone 5 will be her first iPhone, switching over from the Droid.

Brenda says she was a bit disappointed since she pre-ordered her iPhone and the phone had not yet arrived at the store.

The new iPhone 5 features multiple upgrades including 4G service and a taller screen. It retails for $200 with a two-year contract, or $700 outright.