Mother's Day shopping may have been stressful for you, but hopefully you didn't break the law like one newsman did.

NBC's David Gregory of Meet the Press was spotted parking his SUV illegally last week and his excuse was Mother's Day.

Seems the newsman is a bit of a last minute shopper and he was simply stopping to see if the upscale jewelry shop Tiny Jewelry Box on Connecticut Ave in Washington, DC was open.

Sources at the Washington Post checked in with NBC to make sure the sighting was really him and a spokesperson there confirmed he double parked, but says it was only for a second. Apparently after he made sure the store was open, he parked in a nearby garage and then did some leisurely shopping.

Luckily parking isn't as hectic around here as it is in our nation's capitol. And we've got great shops like A&A Jewelers in North Dartmouth, where you can get last minute shopping done in store or online.