Goodbye Sandy! Hurricane Sandy has moved through the Southcoast and left a mess in some area's, but most of the Southcoast made it out unscathed. Sandy made a mess of parts of New Jersey and New York City, in fact this is one of the rare occasions that the Stock Market is closed due to the weather. Here at WBSM we have been trying to keep you up to date on damage from the hurricane, if you have pictures of storm damage you would like to share please do so and we will post them on our website. You can also share your story's of where you rode out the storm and if you lost power with us.

Lets hope that this is the last storm we have to deal with for quite a while, we do live in the northeast and yes we do have to deal with big storms once in a while. Think back to last winter, remember how mild it was, we were spoiled and you know that was probably a once in a life time event. Again, if you have some photo's and story's you would like to share please do!