There was talk around my house this week about going apple picking this weekend, I thought it was a great idea until I heard they wanted to drive over a hundred miles from the house! Now I'm all for picking apples but driving that far is a little too much! That led me to thinking there must be some places in the Southcoast to pick apples! I know there are plenty of farm stands that sell fresh apples but are there any places to pick them?

I did a web search and found a few local spots that do let familys pick their own apples. Here are a few that I found, there's Keith's farm in Acushnet, (508) 763-2622, theres Peters Family Orchard and Cider mill also in Acushnet, (508) 995-6533.

Other places in the area to pick your own apples, Dartmouth Orchards in Dartmouth, (508) 992-9337, Pocasset Orchards also in Dartmouth, (508)995-5019. I also saw that at Cervelli Farm in Rochester they offer a Corn Maze, (508)763-5275. I'm sure there are other area farms that offer apple picking, if you know of any share them with us.