While on vacation in Maine I stumbled upon this place called Rock Lobster Popcorn!  All I know about popcorn is that it's pretty good in the movie theater and you can microwave it.  My eyes were opened wide to what people are doing with popcorn these day's, Rock Lobster is putting some incredible flavors with their popcorn.  We tried some great flavors like 'Cake Batter, Pizza, French Toast and Loaded Baked Potato' to name a few.  There were also some really hot ones like the Habenero Death and the Chipolte Death among others.  I have to admit I do love spice and these sure did deliver.  We ended up buying a bag of the Cake Batter, which lasted all of 3 minutes once the kid's got into it, and we purchased a bag of the Chipotle Death, that bag is going down rather slowly.  The popcorn is very good and is worth the trip or you can get it on line, if you are brave try the hot stuff it's really good!