So you've always wanted to be an actor, who hasn't secretly wished they were in the movies or on television?  Most of us dream of hitting it big, we forget about the struggling actors who never get their chance, well, these actors have hit it out of the park when it comes to making the big bucks when it comes to their careers.  Once again TV Guide is out with their annual list of televisions highest paid actors, a list that they break down into different category's.  When it comes to the highest salary, Ashton Kutcher takes that category, he makes $750-Thousand per episode of the CBS comedy Two and a Half Men, the highest earner in television is a surprise, it's Judge Judy Sheindlin, Judge Judy rakes in over $47-million dollars a year in salary.  Other actors on the list are Mark Harmon making over $500 grand per episode for NCIS, and when it comes to the news department Matt Lauer rakes in between $20 & $25 million per year for his duties on the Today Show.  See the entire list here: