Ready, set, shop! So, this is the weekend we have been waiting all summer for, tax free weekend in Massachusetts. 

Now the big question what to buy?  Here are some tips if you are planning to hit the malls this weekend!  Remember for it to be tax free the item can't cost more than $2,500 dollars.  Here are some of the items that are not tax free.  Cars, motorcycles, boats, meals, cell phone plans and tobacco products.

Before you head out to the store make sure you check out the price of the item you are looking for, some stores will put that item back up to full retail price, if it is are you saving anything by not paying the 6.25% tax? Or will you be better off waiting for the item to go on sale.  If you want to save but don't want to deal with the crowds at the malls there is good news, on-line shopping is also tax free!

If the on-line company charges you tax make sure you contact them and they will remove the charge.  Feeling brave and headed to the brick and mortar store?  Plan on big lines at the electronic stores, with students headed back to school mom and dad will be looking to buy junior an new computer for school.

Plus, with the football season starting guy's like me will be looking to buy that new, larger than life television and surround sound system, so expect some competition!  Before you head out this weekend, make a list!  Before you brave the store's  plan on what you want to buy first and have a back-up item if the item you want is sold out.  Remember if you can't get to the store this weekend to make that purchase, our neighbor to the north New Hampshire is always tax free.