New Bedford's City Council is taking a firm stance against the E-P-A's plans for removing P-C-B's from the Upper Harbor. The full council went on record Thursday in opposition to the government's plan to dredge contaminated soil and place it into a so-called "CAD Cell", burying it within the harbor. The council and other groups are asking the E-P-A to remove have the toxic sediment removed from the city, and buried in an approved landfill. Councilor at Large Deborah Coelho feels that years of work by local activists and residents would be for nothing, if the CAD Cell plan is left in place.

The council is also looking for the E-P-A to seek more funds for soil removal from AVX, which reached a settlement in September to pay out $366-million dollars for the harbor cleanup. Public comment on that AVX/EPA settlement was extended earlier in the week, until December 17th.