New Bedford and Mass. State Police have taken a suspect into custody following a four hour standoff at Southcoast Condominiums at 2120 Phillips Road. 

Police responded to the scene around 5pm, and according to unofficial reports, a gunman opened fire on Police from a nearby building.

WBSM's Taylor Cormier says he heard gunshots when he arrived at the scene just before 6pm.

A car believed to belong to the suspect was towed away (above).

Traffic on Phillips Road and Braley Rd.was blocked off during the incident, and as a safety precaution, police halted traffic on Route 140 North. Those backups have now cleared up

Update 8:04pm - According to Taylor Cormier, on the scene, the police are talking to the suspect. They have addressed him as John. They are repeating over and over that they are here to help him.

Update 8:56pm - Around 8:40pm the suspect asked police to back away from the building. At that point he began to come out of the window (Police had previously broken the window to give him a phone to communicate with them) and he cut himself on the glass. At that point he went back into the apartment. Shortly after that, the police placed him under arrest.

The highway (Rt. 140) is once again open to traffic.