Finally good customer service is back!  Let me explain, I am always out and about and nothing drives me more crazy than poor customer service.  Things like in a grocery store you walk up to the check out and the person at the cash register doesn't say "hello" or even look at you, that drives me nuts.  This weekend I went to a few places and I had great customer service.  The first was The Fireside Grill in Middleboro, the place was packed and somehow we were able to be seated right away!  When we sat and the place being so busy I thought it was going to be a long wait for a waitress to see us, I was wrong, we were greeted by Trisha, she was great, great personality, very friendly and very accommodating!  Once the meals came and my wife realized she ordered something that she could not eat, her fault for not reading the menu, Tricia went above and beyond and put in another order and had it to the table stat!  The food was very good too I nearly licked my plate!

That was my first great customer service experience, I also had a great experience at a new place in Wareham, called Tractor Supply Company, T.S.C. is located in the old Staples building and they sell all kinds of stuff for farms and homeowners to do yard work.  The staff working there was very helpful, they found the item I was looking for and helped me put it in the car, the woman who helped was very friendly and outgoing.  Instead of saying the carts to put your items on are across the store, she went and got it for me, when she helped me put the item in the car she talked about how nice the weather was and told us to have a great day.  I know something small but enough to make my shopping experience a pleasant one.  I wish I got her name so I could mention her as well, I hope that this is a sign of things to come and we will see more of this great customer service.