Ellen Ratner, of Talk Radio News Service and a contributor on FOX NEWS joins me regularly on WBSM to chat about the latest developments in national and global affairs. However, Ellen is pitching something far more important, in my opinion, when it comes to Americans or people on the other side of the world. Ellen started Goats For The Old Goat.com (or .org) when she turned 60 as a way to help the starving and abused people of the Southern Sudan, one of the hungriest places on earth. The organization provides goats to families so they don't have a lifetime legacy of malnutrition. Goats provide milk, and excess milk can be made into cheese and sold at the market. As the goats multiply, this allows families to pursue a micro-business. Please support this unique and very important cause. And thanks to one of the most wonderful friends in my life, Ellen Ratner!