The famous Cape Cod Canal is a man made waterway connecting Cape Cod Bay to Buzzards Bay. It's about 7 miles long, 480 feet wide and 32 feet deep. It shaves 135 miles off the journey around the Cape for its 14,000 annual users. The Cape Cod Canal is also famous for one more thing, GHOSTS.

The Army Corps of Engineers maintains the Cape Cod Canal Visitor Center which introduces visitors to the history of the canal. But will ghost sightings soon to be included? Can you picture the three-fold pamphlet with "I see dead people" on the cover in the tourist rack? According to Cape Cod Canal, ghosts of the canal come out frequently, especially on foggy nights.

Some of the ghosts are said to be spirits of past workers who died constructing the bridges. Other sightings include a local girl who was brutally murdered and commercial fishermen who perished at sea.

One spirit is said to be wearing an all white dress, asking in a haunting voice where a pay phone is. Sport fishermen have added to the reports of catching spirit sightings when they weren't catching anything else. Next time you're in the area, be vigilant and you may see a ghost of Cape Cod Canal. Share your paranormal activity about this here.