Did you know that you have at least three different landscapes? The plants in your garden, their association with the plants around them, and the landscape in general will look different at different times of day.

A gardener's life should not be all work and no play. Take time to observe your landscape. Pour yourself a cup of coffee and take an early morning stroll in your garden. Some afternoon, walk off your lunch with a walk through the garden. And, some evening, fix yourself a cocktail or an ice cold lemonade and watch the sunset from your garden. Do this, and you will see your landscapes in a completely different light!

Speaking of time to enjoy the garden, for a maintenance free summer garden, try this combination.

Plant Rudbekia goldstrum ( my personal favorite ), which has a bright yellow daisy like flower with a very dark center, with Shasta Daisies, bright white flowers with yellow centers. Combine these with a planting of ornamental grasses. All three come in varieties of short, medium, and tall. Grasses come in hues of greens and blues, and some are even variagated.

This combination will give you weeks and weeks of flower, and you can enjoy the ornamental grass plumes the entire winter through.


Gardening Tips courtesy of George Chapman Manager, Makepeace Farms Greenhouse and Nursery