As uncertainty remains regarding a Region C Casino license, Massachusetts Gaming and Entertainment is seeking more certainty as they seek the license so they can begin construction of a proposed Brockton casino.

The group's lawyer, John Donnelly went before the gaming commission on Thursday and said while he's not asking they be issued a license immediately, he is seeking a declaration from the Commission.

"What we are asking is that the Commission declare that if a suitable and qualified candidate in Region C comes forward, and we believe our application is and will be found to be one, then in that case a license will be issued," said Donnelly.

Donnelly asked that the declaration include an acceptance that the mashpee wampanoag tribe could be granted a land-in-trust application for a proposed Taunton casino.

Even though Donnelly said that even if the Bureau of Indian Affairs grants the Tribe's request, it could be a long time before ground is broken on a Taunton casino.

"Any number of lawyers have suggested that the group is not eligible, the process will not accomodate them ultimately, and that if it does it will take a long, long time," said Donnelly "not only for the BIA to act and for others to act but for ensuing litigation."

However, Commissioner Gayle Cameron said the Commission's job was to protect the best interest of the Commonwealth and she saw no reason to speed up the process.

"We have consistently said we will look at all the circumstances at the time and make the best decision," said Cameron "so I think you're asking us to alter that plan, which is to continue on and to be fair to everybody and do what's best for the Commonwealth, and I personally do not see a need to alter that plan," said Cameron.

Commission Chair Steve Crosby said they were unable to vote on the request because it wasn't posted on the agenda.