We were talking about a 'vole' problem I have at my house, these little creatures are making a superhighway out of my backyard!  I asked if anyone knew of a solution or way to get rid of these little critters, and the response was incredible!  We had people suggesting I put 'Castor Oil' on the lawn, the vole would get it on his body, lick it off and get diarrhea from it!  Not sure I want to go that route, I have a dog and the same thing may happen to her, that wouldn't be pretty.  Others suggested poison, I really don't want to kill the little guys I just want them to move on!  Then someone called and suggested something from a catalog they had called 'Whatever Works', in the catalog they have a couple of items to poison them but they also offer a more humane way to get rid of the rodents.  It's called Riddex a Sonic Mole Repeller, that works on other annoying critters too.  I will have to give this a try as it may be the only thing that wont harm the little buggers!  I may get a call from my neighbors though if the vole's take up residency in their lawns.

See more in the Whatever Works Catalog online;  http://www.whateverworks.com/