As I was walking into work this morning, I tripped over this old TV with a note on it that says, "Free TV"! 

I paused for a second and though, who would want a 13" television without a remote control?  Plus it's not a flat screen, Hi-Def television either, it's a 13" CRT!  I know the TV has been used quite a bit too, it was in the studio for quite some time, at least 10 years.  So I ask again, "who would want a 10 year old, 13" CRT-TV without a remote?  I have the answer!  NOBODY!  I don't know who is offering up this dandy television set for free, but I have my suspicions, maybe it's a cost cutting measure, get someone to take it so we don't have to pay to have it taken away!

If you are interested in this television by all means come on by and grab it, but hurry I'm sure it will go fast!  By the way, snow shovel not included!