Six people have been shot, four of whom were killed, at separate locations in Mohawk and Herkimer, in central New York on Wednesday morning, according to several published reports.

Two people were fatally shot at Gaffey's Car Wash on Mohawk Street in Herkimer. Four people were shot at John's Barber Shop on Main Street in Mohawk. Two of those four died while two others were injured.

Names of victims have not been released.

NYS Police

Police are looking for Kurt Meyers, whom they have named as a suspect in the shooting.

Meyers is described as a 64-year-old white male, standing 5'11" with a grey beard and wearing a flannel shirt.

Meyers fled the shooting scenes in a red jeep with a black top. Police later found that vehicle, but Meyers was not there with it.

Meyers allegedly set fire to his apartment at 32 South Washington St. in Mohawk shortly before the shootings occurred. That fire is under control.

At least six military-geared officers walked into a residence on Folts St. in Herkimer, following an armored vehicle. After nearly 20 minutes inside and surrounding the home, police stopped investigating that scene, according to reports from Townsquare News Network partner WIBX on the scene.

Gunshots were heard shortly after at a residence near the corner of Green and North Main St. in Herkimer, as of 1:30 p.m, but there have been no additional reports from police or our partners at WIBX.

Governor Andrew Cuomo is expected to hold a news conference within the next hour.

Schools in Herkimer, Mohawk, Illion, Frankfort, Richfield Springs and Herkimer BOCES have been placed on lock down. Herkimer CCC has also been placed on lock down.

(Updated 2 p.m.)