Tis' the season for doing the holiday decorating I finally just put the tree up and plan on doing the rest of decorating.  Every year when we do decorating we make some decorations out of food.  Here are some food items you can decorate your home with this year.

Cranberries, because of the color they are perfect this time of year.  Take a clear bowl put a wide candle in the center, then fill the container with cranberries.  You can also add water and float the candles and berry's.

Gumdrops, make a winter wonderland in a jar by taking gumdrops of different sizes and colors onto lollipop sticks, you can make snowmen, snowflakes, Christmas trees or Santa's with them too.

Peppermint discs, for a colorful holiday tree, glue unwrapped peppermint discs to a Styrofoam cone starting from the base up.  Create an assortment of candy trees and use as a centerpiece or mantelpiece.

Lemons, limes and clementines, use the whole fruits to create a vibrant fresh-smelling wreath.  Let the fruit dry for a couple of day's and put a hole in the fruit and wire them to a wreath frame with some fresh pine boughs and you have a very fragrant wreath.

Pasta, use uncooked pasta shapes to creat snowflakes. Spray paint pieces of pasta white or silver, add glitter if you like.  Glue some of them together and put some string on them and hang from the tree.

Candy canes, take a couple of tall candy canes to create a card or picture holder.  Place three wrapped candy canes back-to-back so that the curved edges work as a base.  With canes upside down, face the hooks outward in a tripod orientation.  Tie a ribbon around the middle of the straight portion of the candy canes, slide a picture or card into two of the hooks.

I'm sure there are many other food items you can use for decorations around your house, I know popcorn is used too.  If you would like to add any please do!