I laugh hearing the serious tone of news readers telling us about the Fiscal Cliff deal! So, other than costing most working Americans more in Social Security payments, who benefited from the political theater?

Well - low-income Hollywood received 430 million, Rum makers in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands are drinking Rum and Coca Cola to the tune of 222 million dollars, 70 million-zoom zoom- is going to the poor folks at NASCAR, while 59 million helps Algae growers and 4 million to electric motorcycle makers! But here's the best part: 11.2 Billion for a 2 year extension to defer taxes for GE, Caterpillar & Citigroup!

$1.8 Billion to extend tax credits to JP Morgan Chase & Co., and 650 million in tax credits for Whirlpool Corp. for making energy-efficient appliances. No money unfortunately for TUMS. Chew two tablets, and call me Thursday.