I am very excited to go to Martha's Vineyard for the first time next week! I already made my reservations for the ferry, and I know I'll be staying with my boyfriend and his family on an overnight stay in Oak Bluffs. Obviously we'll hit the beach for most of the time while we're there, but I have NO idea what else there is to do...so I asked around.

Apparently I HAVE to try Mad Martha's Fudge. I am a chocoholic, so no problem there. Consider it done. A few listeners also told me to check out Inkwell Beach, as well as South Beach. As long as I got my SPF and a good book to read, I should be okay with that. Someone else mentioned that I would love the beautiful lighthouses there. Pete needs me to stop by a gift shop at some point, and I want to look into a "Black Dog" sweatshirt.

My brother's girlfriend, Sydney Gordon, said I should take pictures at this beautiful gazebo in the middle of a field. I fully intend on taking advantage of every Kodak moment on my mini-vacay, so be prepared for LOTS of photos when I come back!