I am almost at my goal!  Five months ago I embarked on my journey to lose 40 pounds!  Yesterday I went for a weigh in and I am proud to announce tha I am down 33 pounds.  To put that 33 pounds in to perspective imagine what six, 5-pound bags of sugar looks like, then add those bags to your body, pretty funny image when you think about it.  What is not funny is that I was carrying all that extra weight around, many of my friends and co-workers said "you look fine, why do you need to lose weight"?

The first thing I say is I feel much better than I did before I lost the weight, I also have started riding my bike, something I never thought about doing until I lost the weight.  I do have to say that I am addicted to riding now, I love it, I try to ride at least 5 miles a day and 14-15 miles on weekends!  That is something I never would have done when I was 33 pounds heavier.

I must admit I am proud of what I have done so far, it was hard work and I would do it all over again!  Every year many of us plan to lose weight but never get started, if you have wanted to lose weight but just don't know where to start, look around there are plenty of diets out there that are safe and will work for you!

I suggest you talk to your doctor first and have him guide you in the right direction.  Trust me, once you get started and start shedding the pounds you'll be addicted.