With all of the wannabe's seeking their fifteen minutes of fame these days it's tough to hang on to the spotlight, especially if you make a bonehead move like posting stupid stuff on social media.

Too bad, Ken Bone seemed to have it all, a devoted following, talk of a Halloween costume based on his likeness and even a t-shirt with his picture on it.  But, before the presidential debate cult figure could even land a spot on Dancing With The Stars his torch was out and he was gone.  Voted off the island by the same fickle news media folks who found his mustache, glasses and red sweater so appealing just before.

Seems Mr. Bone, under the username of "StanGibson18" opened up on social media which to lead to a media hunt that uncovered a host of prior posts about committing "felony insurance fraud," according to FOX News and nude pics of actress Jennifer Lawrence.  What really dethroned the Bone however was a prior post in support of George Zimmerman, the guy who took down Florida punk Trevon Martin.

Smile and smirk no more, Mr. Bone.  Your days in the sun are through, for you dared to offend the "4th estate,"  Fear not though because all things old become new again with the nostalgia crowd.  Someday, in about forty years, when we look back on this election with fondness, you'll be there headlining at Comic Con getting $75 for an autograph from political junkies.  Until then, I hear kids in Haiti could really use those t-shirts.