It's good news, but perhaps not the best news a young Fall River girl was looking for. 15-year-old Felicity Marie Kadlec Alves, an adoptee who recently lost her adoptive mom, asked the public for suggestions and assistance in trying to find her biological mother. It's been reported by Felicity that her search didn't turn up her birth mother's whereabouts, but did find an aunt and a cousin!

Felicity's mother left her and two siblings when Felicity was 3 years old and is rumored to have taken off for New York. The mother's name is Heather Marie Alves, who has had no contact with her children since the mid 1990's.

Felicity, in her own words, thanked everyone who helped out and although she didn't find her mother, is very grateful to have found her aunt and cousin. If you have any information that can be helpful to Felicity, please contact her at