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Testimony is continuing in a civil lawsuit challenging the results of the April 1st Board of Health Election in Fairhaven. 

Incumbant Peter De Terra was declared the winner by one vote, following a recount. 

Challenger John Wethington then filed suit in Superior Court, claiming dIscrepancies in the handing of the election. 

Superior Court Judge Robert Kane ruled Monday that two disputed ballots from the election were in fact, "blank" thereby taking one vote from De Terra, and leaving the election a "tie." 

But the Judge made no declaration about the election results, and instead heard testimony from, among others, Town Clerk Eileen Lowney.  She was questioned by Wethington's attorney, Ann Denardis....

Denardis says she and her client were very pleased with "the thorough job" done by Judge Kane in assessing the two disputed ballots. 

Denardis wants the town to schedule a second election for June 25th, the same day as a special U. S. Senate election. 

But all that could be put on hold because Peter De Terra and his attorney, John Markey Jr.  are considering an appeal of Judge Kane's ruling.