Represntatives of Fairhaven Wind LLC have offered a mitigation plan to the town's Board of Selectmen on ways to operate the firm's two wind turbines in a quieter fashion.  And turbine developer Sumul Shah says shutting down one turbine at night might resolve noise issues for people living close by. 

TSM - Fairhaven Wind LLC officials discuss "mitigation" plan with Selectman

Fairhaven Wind LLC last night offered to meet with town officials and citizen groups to work out a resolution. 

Selectman Geoffrey Haworth welcomes the suggestion.  He says at this point, its not about citizens groups "Windwise" or "Friends of Fairhaven Wind"......

Town officials hope to bring people together sometime next week to try to resolve the dispute over the turbines

Also, Fairhaven Selectmen set September 9 as the date for a new Board of Health election. 

TSM - Board of Selectman set Sept. 9 as date for Board of Health Election

A Superior Court Judge had thrown out results of the April 1 election because of descrepancies with the ballots. 

The Board rejected a request by spectators to schedule a new election for all offices in Fairhaven.