Fairhaven Police arrest a suspect following a search of his room at the Huttleston Motel and a car and foot chase.

As police were about to conduct a search of 23 year old Derrick Ambrose's room, he spotted them and sped away on Rt. 6..  He left the vehicle after blowing out a tire near Spring Street and after a brief foot chase, he was taken into custody by Chief Michael Myers and Detective Jerald Bettencourt near Pleasant Street.

Police and the suspect returned to his room where they found drug paraphanalia, suboxone pills and $500 in cash. A small amount of marijuana was also seized from the car he escaped in which police learned had been rented by  Rebecca Andrade of New Bedford.

Ambrose faces numerous drug and motor vehicle charges while Ms. Andrade is being crimanlly charged with allowing an improper operator to drive a leased vehicle and for allowing an unlicensed person to operate a motor vehicle.