Photo from Fairhaven Police Dept.

Police have charged a Fairhaven man with robbing drug stories in Fairhaven, New Bedford and in Rhode Island. 

Twenty-three  year old Sean Fynn of Laurel Street was arrested on Fiday.  Investigators say the robberies took place from September to November. 

In some cases, the suspect would call the store and threatened to detonate a bomb inside the building, unless the pharmacist placed the entire inventory of pain-killing drugs in the drive up drawer.  In other cases he said he would shoot the pharmacist if he or she did not comply. 

Police obtrained a search warrent on Friday and went to Flynn's house, where they found 1,600 pills and more than $8,000 in cash. 

Flynn is facing charges in New Bedford and East Providence.  He was arraigned Friday in New Bedford District Court, and was held on $100,000 bail.

Photo from Fairhaven Police. Drugs and cash seized on Friday, Dec. 13.