Fairhaven firefighters went to work at sea over the weekend, performing a medical rescue.

In a release, Firefighter Wayne Oliveira says Fairhaven Fire Headquarters intercepted a marine radio distress call on Saturday from a vessel at sea that stated there was a medical emergency on board.

Fairhaven's Fire Boat was dispatched from the Fairhaven Shipyard, with Harbormaster Tim Cox and three paramedics on board. They traveled ten nautical miles to the vessel that had sent out the distress call, which was between Dartmouth and Cutty Hunk Island.

The Fairhaven crew met the lobster boat "Molly" where they found a 63-year-old male suffering a medical emergency. He was placed on board the Fairhaven fire boat and transported to Pease Park Boat Ramp in Fairhaven within fifteen minutes where he was transferred to a waiting Fairhaven ambulance and taken to St. Luke's Hospital.

The man is now listed in stable condition.