December 17, 2012

Additional Information

Is your son or daughter experiencing bullying? Want to know what to do? Meet author Brigitte Berman who wrote 'Dorie Witt's Guide To Surviving Bullies'.

DORIE WITT is a young girl facing the difficult transition from grade school to junior high and high school. She starts the year with hope, but soon finds herself the target of bullies whose sole reason for living seems to center around making Dorie's life miserable. Dorie blindly believes she can escape the torments by being nice and ignoring their taunts, but soon sinks into a lonely depression. Only when Dorie begins to trust herself and caring adults, does her life turn around. Dorie realizes if she can hang in there that even at its worst, life is always worth living! Join Dorie in her humorous yet honest approach to life and her earnest attempt to wipe out bullying through teaching us about the greatest gift of all - TOLERANCE!

Brigitte Berman will be at New Bedford Voc-Tech on Monday January 14th, 2013 from 6p-9p