Did you know that there are only about 550 North Atlantic Right Whales left in the world? The Right Whale, friend of our local waters, is a critically endangered species, and for that reason we must keep a watchful eye out for them.

To avoid collision, local boaters can help by reducing speed to less than 10 knots in areas the whales congregate and feed. Right now, between Plymouth and Cape Cod, they swim in large pods and can hold their breath underwater for over an hour! Speaking of which, have you ever smelled whale's breath? When the whale surfaces, it blows the warm, moist air from its lungs, along with the water that has collected on top of its blowholes.

If you're nearby, you see the spray and smell the breath of the whale! It's an unforgettable experience! And did I mention the whale's tail or fluke lifting out of the water and into the air? It's a magical moment, and one you should witness with your family! Go on a local Whale Watch this summer!