What a week it has been, a week that started like any other Patriots Day in Boston.  The Boston Marathon is run, the Red Sox play an early game, thousands gathered into the city to celebrate the day.  

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The day as we well know, took a tragic turn when cowards decided to bomb the finish line, changing many lives in an instant.  The week continued with news of the bombers, little by little authorities we able to put the pieces of a giant jig saw puzzle together and figure out who was to blame for this heinous act.  The massive man-hunt began and we learned that there was a connection to the south coast, one of the bombers was a student at Umass Dartmouth, a surprise to many I'm sure.  We endured a day that we will never forget with the closings of many city's and towns, a day where people didn't panic, they worked together to get the terrorist behind the bombings.  A day later the city and state really came together and proved how strong, how resilient, how enduring we are.  There were tributes at the Bruins game and a very emotional opening to the Red Sox game that didn't leave a dry eye in the audience.  Then to top it off to have Neil Diamond sing 'Sweet Caroline' live at Fenway, that set the crowd over the top.  All of this tells me that no matter the situation, if we all pull together and work together we can get through anything, together!